About Cherished Designs UK

Where the magic happens!
And I am also a radio presenter hence the microphone!

I was taught to knit at 5 yrs old - by the age of 16 I was designing picture knit sweaters of peoples pets. I continued to make knitted and crochet items for family & friends throughout my life (I am now in my mid 50s) until finally I took the plunge and launched my Cherished business in 2011. As a knitwear designer things ticked along nicely, but with so many patterns now available for free on the internet, in 2020 I decided to diversify Cherished Designs into a dream I have had all my life.

As a big lady myself I wanted to design clothes for big people - not the usual awful old fashioned stripes and florals that were dominant in my previous adult years but something sassy, fun, a little bit cheeky, bright and limited edition.
To say it's been a struggle to source the right base garments in the larger sizes is an under statement - I think production companies believe us larger people (otherwise known as BBW - big beautiful woman or BHM - big handsome man) don't want to wear anything but T-shirts and hoodies! BUT I am slowly getting there - it has meant that I have had to source some items overseas but they are worth the wait for delivery I promise. And if you are not happy I am always here to discuss resolutions. :)

I design every garment in my shop myself - it takes a lot of time and effort to do so ... I also have a passion for animals (especially my dogs) and nature so in 2021 I decided to extend my designing skills to homewares and accessories as well - again finding anything other than Mugs and mats has been hard but my product range is expanding so make sure you favourite my shop to keep up with new designs & products.

I also have a Collection called the 500 Club ... now I know these are not at High Street prices but every item is individually handmade to order by a UK company with a good reputation for quality, they used the finest fabrics, real leather, etc so I felt it was worth adding their products for those of you who like Designer clothing and accessories... and of course every item is designed by me and once 500 have been sold they are removed from sale so very limited edition.

Cherished Designs UK is just me - a big & bootyful woman on a PC in her home office in Derbyshire, UK trying to realise her dream. When you purchase from me you are supporting small business and if you live in the East Midlands.. local business. I am grateful and appreciative of every single one of you :)
PS.. I do still knit and crochet and you can find my knitting patterns for sale on RAVELRY