About Us

Soooo... you wanna know what we are all about aye?

Well... are you sitting comfortably? Gotta drink? Let's do this!

It was originally the brainchild of DeeDee our Designer (matriarch of the family) ... she had been running a knitwear design business since 2011 and in 2019 she felt she wanted to diversify her design skills elsewhere... then the pandemic hit in 2020 so her dream was held back somewhat. But finally in late 2020 she was ready to open her doors to home decor designed by her. We aren't going to lie to you... like all businesses starting out on a new venture it was a struggle at first. We started on Etsy then in 2021 opened our own stand alone web store (this one) and things have slowly gone from strength to strength (despite the 2022 cost of living crises having a damn good try at killing most small businesses!) and now we are seeing happy customers from around the world  returning to buy from us again as they love what we do.

We are very niche in what we offer as it is born out of a passion for animals.. DeeDee grew up on a Cornish farm and the rest of us all have animals in our lives. We are a very small family unit with Emma (DeeDee's daughter) on media duty and Luke (adopted son) on part time website & office admin. 
DeeDee also does admin, covers social media wherever she can as well as spending many hours drawing some amazing artwork and designing home decor & PC/phone accessories. We also have a bit of a quirky sense of humour which you can spot on our social media accounts and in some designs!

We have lots of plans for the future including currently trying to source a UK supplier of bedding, curtains, rugs and other soft furnishings & accessories for your home. We have very stringent requirements as we only use suppliers who have the same intrinsic eco values as us in that they recycle their packaging and use only eco-friendly inks. Everything is made to order and only offered in quantities of 1000 so once they are sold out - that's it - gone... never to return! So when you buy from us you are buying something quite special.

So questions we have been asked...
Location: Derbyshire, UK
What do we do: Uniquely designed made to order home decor and PC/phone accessories (though we have sneaked in a few items of clothing after you kept asking us to pop our sense of humour on T-shirts!)
What do we pride ourselves on: You are not just an order number!! We believe in excellent customer service with a personal touch and will always do our utmost to resolve any possible situation for you. Oh... and our sense of humour!
What animals do you have: DeeDee has Dachshunds and aquariums with fish & shrimp. Emma has Pug dogs and Luke has a zoo (sorry farm!) DeeDee also used to exhibit her pets in the past as well as enjoying the pleasure of keeping reptiles & tortoises. We are therefore Breeder friendly and appreciate the pleasure and enrichment animals can bring to our lives and mental health.

What social media are you on: The usual ... Faceache & Instagram, TikTok and Twitter - you can also see our recent Instagram posts on our home page.
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