Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cherished Designs UK all about?

Cherished Designs UK is a solo designer store (aka me) which focuses on homewares & clothing/footwear based around the wonderful topic of nature and animals, products are printed/hand-sewn one by one on a per-order basis. This makes for very unique and limited edition  products that you won't find anywhere else! This production is called Print-on-demand (POD).

Do you deliver worldwide?

Although we are located in the UK most of our suppliers are happy to despatch to worldwide. Please check out Shipping Policies in the menu for more detailed information on shipping. *Please note: Due to new EU rules we cannot accept orders from EU residents on this website but you are welcome to purchase from our Etsy store... 

Are there customs fees?

It depends where you live. Most of our printing partners operate multiple printing production centers all over the world but not in every country. UK, USA & Europe are covered for most products.
PLEASE NOTE: From the 1st July 2021 new VAT rules apply - non-UK residents may incure a VAT charge as well as customs fees - if you wish to have the VAT fees applied at checkout then please purchase from our Etsy store which will do this for you... 


Can you add “Gift” on the package to avoid fees?

No. We do not despatch the products, our Suppliers despatch your order and it is illegal to add gift to a parcel to avoid import/export fees.

Will I receive my order all at once?

Not necessarily. Some items take longer to print than others and all the items in a single order might not be produced at the same location. This does not affect your shipping costs though.

What about taxes?

Taxes vary from different locations and depend on many factors. We  cannot collect any tax/VAT fees on this Store at this time but if you are concerned about VAT then purchasing from our Etsy store means you will be charged all applicable VAT fees at checkout instead. 


Can I ask for a custom design?

Yes of course! We love to receive design suggestions from ur customers—and we always consider them for future collections—but we can't commit to one-off special requests for specific colours or products UNLESS the item is specifically displayed as a personalised product in the Store.

How unique are your products?

Every design you see in our Store is designed from scratch in a software program on our PC in the office by our Designer. Any elements we don't create are purchased with a commercial POD licence to allow us to legally use them to design clothing/homewares and sell the resulting products. So you can expect to own something not found mass produced for the high street and all products come with a limited edition print run of only 1000 items at prices that will not break the bank and therefore give you a very special gift that only a few have!

Where do your products come from?

All our products are produced in the UK or very occassionally USA. The raw materials or base products our Suppliers use come from different sources depending on the product line and on where the order is being fulfilled. 

How long is shipping going to take?

You can expect to receive a tracking number (where applicable - see below) within 2-11 business days depending on the product ordered and the length of time it takes to make. Shipping times which are obviously out of our control are quoted by the Carriers as currently 4-12 business days due to Covid.

Do you have faster express shipping?

Because we custom-make our items to order, we simply don’t have the possibility of offering same-day or overnight shipping options.

However, we are always updating and improving what we offer, so please make sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out when or if we start offering faster shipping options. We will be adding gift cards soon if you run out of time and would like a quicker optional gift.

My order has arrived in more than one parcel from different locations.. is this normal?

Yes it is! At Cherished Designs UK, we’ve partnered with companies in several different locations in order to:
 - bring you the best quality, custom-made products.
 - allow fans from all over the world to access our products.

Sometimes this means that you may receive your items from separate locations. There's nothing to worry about!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated on checkout as it depends on your location and the items you purchase but UK customers have free shipping on all goods except rugs due to their heavy weight.
International customers have free shipping if they order 50GBP or more.

What about refunds if I am not happy?

We are very invested in communication so if you are not happy please let us know and we can work together towards a happy resolution for all parties. Please view Refund Policies in the Menu for more details