Our Environment Policy

We obviously LOVE animals and Nature here at Cherished Designs UK, and we would like to think we are doing our bit (however small) to help towards improving the environment with our business. We recycle almost everything in our office - with a recycle bin in the kitchen for all paper, tin, plastic etc which goes to the local Recycling Centre. When we do post something out ourselves we try and use recycled packaging as often as possible.

we recycle all our waste such as plastics, metal and cardboard.

Wherever possible we use Suppliers and processes that are sustainable/eco-friendly by...
Printing to order to reduce over production & aid climate control & avoid waste.
Encouraging recycling of post packaging with our Suppliers.
Making sure only eco-friendly water based inks are used on all our products when printing.
Ensuring our printers & suppliers use energy efficient technological and manufacturing processes.
When US/UK orders come in we have local suppliers which can help reduce carbon footprints.

The majority of our products are handmade and printed on the borders of North Derbyshire/South Yorkshire, UK and the rest are made in London, UK.
We love to use small businesses rather than huge corporate companies as we believe in helping our fellow UK Suppliers keep going in these tough times.

Being Eco-friendly matters to us
Our main Supplier in Rotherham also has been working hard since the company formation to become more environmental in their activities. They have been working on increasing their sustainable packaging from delivery packaging to source components with all cardboard used now eco-graded. They have eliminated all hard to recycle packaging in favour of easy to recycle materials.
On site they use renewable energy with LED lighting throughout, and they encourage employees to be sustainable and eco-friendly in work practices while on site. Their goal is to be single plastic use free and are determined to reach that goal … this is why we love working with them to print our designs! 

So you can be assured we are doing all we can to reduce our business's carbon footprint as well as our own at home.