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Fish Enthusiast?

We've got you covered! We offer a constantly expanding range of exclusive gifts hand drawn in-house by our Designer DeeDee.
So whether fancy guppies are your thing ... or Plecos, Flowerhorns, African cichlids, Angelfish, Betta or Goldfish/Koi .. we have the perfect funky, fishy style for you.

Let's get Fishy...

Reptile Enthusiast?

Whether it's Geckos, snakes, Iguanas, lizards, frogs or Chameleons that float your boat we may just have the perfect gift for you.
Exclusive designs in limited edition quantities to help you display your passion to the world.. doesn't get better than that!

Lets Geck-Go..

Passion For Pets?

We also haven't forgotten the most important pets that make your life complete.. dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, cavies... they all have their place here - and as our Designer DeeDee creates we will share her passion for all Nature's creatures with you. So if you are looking for the right gift for the animal lover in your life open the door and come on in... kettle's on!

This way fur paw-some gifts..


Cherished Designs UK is very strong on providing a limited edition unique designer gift service with safe and secure shopping and customer satisfaction

  • *Made To Order - Limited Edition*

    Every Cherished Designs UK product is individually made to order and therefore not mass produced or millions of the same item stored in warehouses waiting to be bought ... we also guarantee every product will be removed from sale in the store once 1000 items have been sold as this allows us to keep products fresh with new design releases and gives you something unique to enjoy.

  • *100% Safe & Secure Ordering*

    We use Shopify who have very stringent security protocols in place to ensure safe & secure payments & data protection. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council created a standard to protect cardholder data used for online payments. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, meeting all six categories of PCI standards.

  • *Customer Satisfaction*

    The bonus of purchasing from Cherished Designs UK is that customer service is delivered with a personal touch, so if you have any issues with your order please contact us and we will do our utmost to resolve the situation to ensure both parties are happy. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase and not only enjoy it but recommend Cherished Designs UK to their friends & family.

  • *Sustainability*

    Wherever possible we use suppliers & processes that are sustainable/eco-friendly by...
    Printing to order to reduce waste
    Encouraging recycling of post packaging with our suppliers
    Making sure only eco-friendly water based inks are used for all our products
    Ensuring our printers & suppliers use energy efficient technological and manufacturing processes to aid climate control
    When US/UK orders come in we have local suppliers which can help reduce carbon footprints.

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